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Pantomime Company would like to welcome a new face to the Production team for our next Panto – ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Phil Bevington will be joining us as an Associate Director alongside John Hill as Executive Producer/Director. Phil is already well known for his many performances as Dame with the Company – a role which he would like to continue with.

Open auditions for all other Principal roles will be held during May or June – date to be confirmed shortly. If you are interested in auditioning details of Principal roles are listed below.
This is a Pantomime production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ not the Musical version, and as such will not feature music from the film or stage shows. Some of the characters will naturally appear similar.


Kind-hearted and innocent – as obvious.  (Principal Girl) Strong singer with dance ability. Minimum age 16


Leading Male character – initially a romantic prince – then transformed into the Beast. Strong singing voice. Minimum age 16


Our glamorous baddie – an immortal wicked enchantress.  Younger and more attractive than the typical witch character.  (Female) Strong character actress/singer. Minimum age 16


Female Character part. Housekeeper to the Prince/Beast. In Act 2 operates a puppet character. Actress/Singer minimum age 30


Male Character part. French Valet to the Prince/Beast. Exaggerated French accent. In Act 2 operates a Puppet character. Actor/Singer minimum age 20


Belle’s father – a slightly eccentric scientist.  Jovial and kind-hearted, but not strong enough to stand up to his two elder daughters. Mature Male Character actor – some comedy Age 40+


Casanova-type “hunk” – new-comer to the village.  A conceited, arrogant and self-opinionated lothario – big on muscles, but small in the brain department!  (Male) Comedy baddie very much in the mould of ‘Gaston’ – either a bodybuilder type or one with fake muscles! Possibly fake German accent! Min age 18


Comedy sidekick to Brat – knockabout comedy! Min Age 16


Belle’s two older sisters – great comedy roles for 2 girls.  A couple of tasteless “madams” with outrageous clothes/make-up, who flounce about thinking they’re “it”, but are selfish, greedy and spoilt.  Referred to in the script as “the Sisters”, but these are very different to the “Ugly Sisters” in Cinderella and should definitely not be played as dames.  (Female Singers/Dancers – min age 18)
VALERIE LA BON-BON (DAME) – already Cast


Young Comedian the Dame’s silly son – typical ‘Hiya Kids’ part
Minimum Age 16

To audition for any of these roles please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A date for Dance/Chorus auditions has already been fixed – these will be held on Sunday July 8th in the afternoon – more details of times and how to apply will follow over the next couple of months.




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