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Thanks for watching our latest pantomime, Cinderalla.

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Pantomime Company are pleased to announce that their next production will be

The Frog Prince!



The Frog Prince

Jan 11th – Feb 4th 2017


The Frog Prince is an all new production for the Concordia, combining all the traditional elements of Pantomime with a new story. The story tells of two very different Kingdoms. The penniless Kingdom of Penuria ruled over by King Impecunia, who is in turn ruled by his wife Queen Penny the Lesser. As the story starts they have just welcomed the birth of a Prince, Prince Paragon.

The other realm is the fabulously wealthy Kingdom of Splendora – they have gold mines, diamond mines and oil fields – they are loaded. King Quidsin rules the land, but the evil Lady Morgana (who has a nasty habit of casting spells on people) has her eyes on the land and its wealth. They too have a new royal baby in the land – Princess Lily. Turn the clocks forward seventeen and three quarter years and Paragon and Lily seem destined to meet and fall in love or will one of Morgana’s spells stand in their way?

Whatever the outcome, it promises to be yet another spectacular Concordia Pantomime. The production starts on January 11th and runs until February 4th 2017. Auditions will be held on Sunday July 3rd. Please see below for more details of the main characters



The Fairy acts as a narrator at times – ideally female singer/dancer minimum age 17. The role will involve some solo songs, good rapport with the audience needed



A hen pecked King, the father of the Principal Boy. Comedy character role ideally age 35+



His often bossy Queen – can be domineering. Suitable for a character actress with good sense of comedy and a good singing voice 35+



The Principal Boy role in the panto – later they become the Frog Prince. Their voice only is used for the frog, they frog will be portrayed by other means.

Strong singer – can be either male or female, min age 17



The Dame role. Good sense of comedy, and good rapport with the audience.



Typical comedy panto – Hiya kids role he keeps the comedy moving throughout the show. Min age 17



Comedy male character role – often the butt of others jokes



Male comedy character, a kindly King father of the Princess – ideally min age 35



Typical princess role. Strong singer and actress min age 17



An evil courtier with magical powers, the villian of the piece. A very glamorous sorceress! A strong singing voice essential, together with good acting skills. Ideally age 25+


Her son or brother depending on age, a comedy villian. Although a villian he can be a bit wet! Ideally aged 17+

If you are interested in auditioning for any of these roles please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can download our Audition Details pdf from our website Audition pieces will be available early in June, with auditions taking place on Sunday July 3rd. All roles carry amateur status.

For any questions about these roles or the panto itself please contact by email.


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As the name suggests we are a company dedicated to the art of traditional British Pantomime. Based at the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley (one of the finest amateur theatres in the United Kingdom), the company produces the annual spectacular traditional pantomime at the venue. Pantomime Company is affiliated to NODA and the Concordia Theatre Hinckley.


Playing for 26 performances the shows consistently attract full houses. Pantomime Company productions represent the very best standards in amateur theatre, with specially designed scenery and costumes, professionally produced musical arrangements and quality scripts. The amateur cast regularly appear opposite international speciality acts.



So take time to find out more about our company by exploring our site ... who knows you just might want to see one of our shows!









We will be holding auditions for Junior & Senior chorus dancers on

Sunday July 3rd at the Concordia Theatre.

Rehearsals will start on Sundays from late September

Show dates – January 11th – February 4th 2017

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